Thursday, 10 July 2014

Mark Birnbaum-The Elements of fine dining in the hospitality business

There are many types of restaurants, and one of the most popular types is, Fine Dining Restaurants. As the name suggests, such restaurants have the highest quality in everything, from; ambience and the quality of services they provide, to the kind of food been served, and how it’s served.

Fine dining is a term that brings an image of clean and fancy decorated tables, with waiters wearing tuxedos and a luxurious ambience. If you ever experience this type of dining, you can expect to enjoy some of the most delicious food, an elegant atmosphere and all kinds of fine services.

Fine dining restaurants go beyond simply taking and delivering an order. It is about giving customers, undivided attention and making them feel special.

The key to success in the business of fine dining is; perfection. Patrons spend a lot of money, in order to get top quality food and services.

To get started in the hospitality business, requires a huge investment. Even after the investment is made, it still remains a challenging and risky business.

All the elements of fine dining business, should boast perfection and top quality services at every point.

The hospitality industry is becoming more competitive every single day, with the addition of new restaurants launched by aspiring restaurateurs.

Mark Birnbaum, the founder of the EMM Group made a successful career in the hostility industry, with his dedication, skills and vision. Today, thanks to Mark Birnbaum, there are many restaurants across New York, which specializes in fine dining, each of which enjoys a huge customer following, due to their top quality food and services.  Follow us on Pinterest and Instagram

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mark Birnbaum-Perfection- The Key to success in the fine dining business!

Undoubtedly, today the fine dining industry still continues to reach great heights of success. But establishing a business in this field requires a passion for perfection, and an eye for talent.

Everything that is required in fine dining must essentially be taken care of like; ambience, quality of services, and the way food is prepared & served.

However, to redeem such quality of services and food; restaurant owners need to invest a lot of money, because setting up this kind of business is a challenging task.

A huge investment is required to get started in the fine dining business. This also means, having to hire the best in fine dining personal and the purchase of a lot of expensive furnishings and supplies, and much more. However, this task is not complete even after the investment. Rather, it is just the beginning.

Once you have all the right resources and people, you need to ensure that everything is going according to plan. Be it the quality standards, timeliness, or anything else for that matter, everything that has been planned, must be adhered to.

One famous entrepreneur, who has made it big in the hospitality industry, is Mr. Mark Birnbaum.

He is a popular name in the hospitality industry. He has taken this industry to higher levels, with his charismatic personality, hard work, and his passion for perfection. Follow us on instagram and facebook for more updates.