Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The strength of the EMM group

What is the best place to hang out at?

We always tend to know the answer to that question, at least as far as our own town is concerned, but do we really know why? Well, it always comes down to good food and great entertainment.

It’s not unusual for people to travel miles, just for that one serving of sushi, which they won’t find anywhere else, except at that particular restaurant or sports bar.

Keeping that in mind, imagine a chain of restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, and lounges all over the country, with hundreds of signature dishes, the best of ambience and to top it all off, first-rate entertainment.

Does such a chain deserve anything less than a golden medallion wrapped in red ribbons with a white fern on each side? Ok, this sounds a bit exaggerated, but really the EMM group, which was founded by Mark Birnbaum is just that good.

There’s always a star struck atmosphere at any of the EMM group venues. Because of the lineup of elite musicians performing and the keen emphasis laid on the entertainment of the in house guests, places like; Finale and Jazz Room are always buzzing.

In addition to great gourmet food and special entertainment, what makes Mark’s brainchild such a valuable entity in the world of hospitality is how it is well facilitated and well-functioning in all aspects of the entertainment industry.