Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Mark Birnbaum - The creator of “rocking” hospitality venues

As tempting as the idea of starting a career in the nightlife and hospitality industry may seem; it is actually very demanding.

In order to start a successful venture, a lot of hard work and determination is required.

First of all, initially it requires a big financial investment. Then one has to make an intelligent choice in terms of selecting the location, as to where the club will be set up. The next thing is creativity and innovative ideas. All of this is needed, in order to make a particular restaurant or club a big hit.

The ambience and atmosphere of these establishments must be top of the line, because these are the places that people visit to have fun and have a leisurely time. Nightclubs help people forget their worries and stress, and instead have lots of fun with their friends. Therefore, there is no scope of compromising in terms of; quality ambience and environment.

City’s  throughout the world are crowded with nightclubs and entertainment venues, which is why it is crucial to have certain elements that make a club stand out and beat the competition. With that knowledge in mind, Mark Birnbaum came up with the best and most unique hospitality ideas, which have redefined this industry.

Every single club and restaurant, created by this New Yorker boasts of perfection and guarantees an enthralling experience to party lovers. He owns a strong venue portfolio that provides multiple experiences under one roof, with the promise to deliver quality food and excellent entertainment.

It takes a lot of hard work and efforts, dedication, time and vision to excel in an industry like this which is so dynamic. Mark Birnbaum is a personality who started off small, and is now regarded as the ‘king of New York’s nightlife’.

He founded the EMM group in the year 2006, and now he owns some of the most rocking venues like; The General, Catch Roof, La Cenita, Lexington Brass, The Social, Jazz Room, Finale and many others.