Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mark Birnbaum, New York’s Legendary Nightclub Owner

When looking for New York City’s best nightlife hot spots, you will inevitably come across restaurants and venues by the names of Catch, Lexington Brass, Catch Roof, Tenjune, The Chandelier Room, SL east, four Hundred, the Estate, and Abe and Arthur. What do all of these spectacular spots have in common? They are managed by none other than, Mark Birnbaum.

Mark Birnbaum gained most of his success in the hospitality business when he co-founded the EMM Group, which specializes in managing some of New York City’s top nightlife establishments. With the help of his two partners Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein, the EMM group has launched a number of highly-successful restaurants and venues, which are at the top of New York City’s Nightlife.

Due to Mark Birnbaum’s dedicated management, his establishments have gained a positive reputation in the restaurant business and keep a solid flow of new and returning customers. People will visit Mark Birnbaum’s many establishments because of their excellent reputation, and people keep coming back due to their great experience and service. It is very true that Mark Birnbaum is known for managing fun and trendy New York venues, but what is it about these venues that make them such hits? One major factor is the incredible service the customers experience upon visiting any of Mark Birnbaum establishments. Customers find themselves very impressed with the impeccable service and hospitality they receive. Customers really enjoy this great service, and crave for their next visit to any of Mark Birnbaum’s venues.

Along with the excellent customer service and hospitality, the ambiance also attracts many customers. You really feel like you are in the middle of New York City’s nightlife surrounded by the modern and trendy décor that permeates throughout all of Mark Birnbaum’s venues. The details of each venue are fabulous, and customers return just to re-experience this magnificent setting. The best way to describe this type of ambiance would be as “luxurious,” because upon visiting one of these establishments, customers feel that they are in a place of pure luxury.

It is safe to say the Mark Birnbaum has left his mark in all of the venues he has managed; he has also created an excellent business worth envying. A true legend of New York City’s nightlife, Mark Birnbaum is a name you will never forget because of all the contributions he has made to New York City’s hospitality industry.